Auburn Gymnastics Center Special Needs Program

Auburn Gymnastics Center is working with the non-profit Fit for Life Gymnastics to offer a special needs gymnastics program for children of all levels and abilities. This is a fantastic program that is offered at no cost to the eligible participants and can greatly impact a child’s life. Each special needs child has options when it comes to the level of participation in our programs.



Auburn Gymnastics Center

The Class Options Are:


30 Minutes One on One Time is given to each of the following areas:

1. Social: Language skills can be addressed in a small setting
2. Vestibular: Balance
3. Proprioceptive: Body awareness in space
4. Tactile: Touch and sensory information
5. Bilateral Integration: Important for learning and     coordination
6. Motor Planning: allows a safe place for their bodies to    explore movement


Inclusion Participation

    Your special needs child can join in regularly scheduled classes with no more than an 8 to 1 ratio. See the Auburn Gymnastics Center Schedule for day and time options based on age.


Open Gym Time

We offer open play days that caregivers of special needs children can attend with the student. This is a free play structure in an open environment with children from 1-years-old and up. Check the Auburn Gymnastics Center Schedule for “free play day” offerings.

Hello Gymnastics Fans, Friends, and Family,


Auburn Gymnastics Center and Intero Real Estate Services have partnered together to continue to provide athletic programs for our community’s youth, including our special needs population. We would like to take this opportunity to endorse and recommend Chet Cusimano for any and all of your real estate needs.

Chet’s daughter attends classes here and he wants to help give this opportunity to children with special needs and conditions. Chet Cusimano has pledged 10% of his commission earned in his real estate business. Just mention Fit For Life Auburn Gymnastics, and we can help these children together. Chet is a community leader and assists his buyer’s and seller’s in every way possible. So if you know anyone who is ready to buy or sell, please give him a call.


Thank you for your support,

Natalie & Staff

Chet Cusimano


C: 775-232-9188

H: 530-878-5776

O: 916-624-0767


Fit For Life Needs Your Financial Support.
We are seeking donations to the 501c3 Fit for Life for the 2011-2012 season. If you have the means and would like to help a few special needs children with their tuition or competitive gymnasts with their fees a little can go a long way. In the past your donations to Fit for Life have let more than 5 kids compete gymnastics and more than 100 special needs children realize their potential and we look forward to your support.


Please call (530) 823-2031 or e-mail with any questions.
Checks can be made to Fit For Life Gymnastics and placed in the black tuition box in the gym.

November 2008 Issue of USA Gymnastics

The Benefits of Sport Activities for Children with Special Needs

    Sports, especially fundamental and movement education based sports like gymnastics,provide tremendous benefits for children with special needs. Physical education programs can considerably improve the lifestyle of a disabled child and are highlyrecommended.


Auburn Elite Cheer Team!

Auburn Gymnastics Center
We invite children walking and up with all levels of physical abilities to join this life-changing program. If needed, we can set up an initial assessment to help you develop a personal plan for your student. The assessment along with the scholarship questionnaire we require for each student will give us some general information about their needs and how we can meet them. Teachers are trained to work with all children regardless of ability.


Call, 530-823-2031 to take advantage of this unique program. 


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