Auburn Gymnastics Center qualifies more girls to NorCal Championships. The Auburn Gymnastics Center compulsory girls’ teams rallied at their second meet of the season to qualify more gymnasts to the NorCal zone and State championships.Auburn Gymnastics took more than 15 girls to the River City Classic gymnastics meet in Sacramento on Saturday and Sunday where the competition was toughest the teams have seen this season. “It was stiff, but we like it that way because it motivates our gymnasts to work harder,” said owner and coach, Natalie Otis. “We have the kind of gymnasts that thrive on being the best they can be.”


   The gymnasts, who started competition in August, are working hard to get the required scores at local meets in an effort to qualify to attend their Zone and State Championship meets. The level 4 girls are working to score a minimum 34.500 all around score to attend the state championships while the level 5 and 6 girls are striving to qualify to Zone Championships by getting as minimum of 31.00. “We have been training hard since our season opener two weeks ago and are very pleased as a coaching staff that our girls turned it on and improved their performances,” Otis said.


   Having missed the season opener, it was level 4 Alyson Osborn’s first meet and she qualified to her state meet with a second place title on vault and an all-around score of 34.525. Fellow level 4, Madison Candler also qualified with a first place title on vault and a second place all-around win (35.35), Madelyn Schildmeyer was just short of the qualifying score but performed stellar routines and walked away with a first place win on vault (9.375). In Level 6 younger, Devin VanBurkleo (32.2) and Janna Woodward (33.2) qualified and in the level 6 middle Elizabeth Jordan also qualified with a 34.375.

   The level four gymnasts workout nearly six hours a week, while the level five and six gymnasts train nine to 12 hours a week. “These gymnasts spend a lot of time in our gym and put a lot of effort into training for these meets and that is what makes the success so sweet for them,” Otis said. “At these levels none of this is easy and it takes a lot of hard work. Our gymnasts have to be moving and improving every practice or we won’t stay competitive in Northern California.”

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