State Championships March 2018


AUBURN - The gymnastics teams at Auburn Gymnastics Center wrapped up their final meets of the regular season with record-breaking first place finishes for the club at State Championships - more athletes than ever from Auburn Gymnastics are going to Regional Championships and the facility can now boast a 1st place State Championship team finish.

Topping the list of major accomplishments was a team 1st place win from the Auburn Gymnastics level 6 boys team of Christopher Otis, 11, Beck Thomas, 12 and Kannon Rector, 9.

"This has been a banner year for us.” said coach Jennifer Christenson. “The boys’ win is awesome and its incredibly exciting for the girls’ and boys’ teams not only make the qualification to Regional Championships, but we landed five kids on the All-Star state teams for Northern California.”

Two girls and three boys training at Auburn Gymnastics qualified to represent Northern California at Regional Championships in April.

“To be a state champion is one thing, to be in the top of the top at your age and level is another, Christenson said. “This opens doors for Auburn gymnasts to contribute at a state level.”

Gracie Hamilton, 11, Kannon Rector, 9, Ana Hamilton, 14, Johnathan Lyda, 12 and Christopher Otis, 11 made select teams for only the top kids at their age, division and level – these athletes are part of an elite group.

This process is not unlike the Olympic athletes that represent their country, they also come from different clubs to make one team and it's a feat and an hour to make it, Christenson explained.

Ana and Gracie Hamilton were the first of the group to qualify.

The gymnasts kicked off the State Championship winning streak with the girls’ gold and platinum levels where Gracie and Ana Hamilton, were able to hit solid routines on the vault, bars, beam and floor.

Both won the coveted gold in the all-around for a strong finish.

"They aren't related but there was certainly a sisterhood when they dominated and crushed the competition," Christenson said. “This is the second year in a row for Ana Hamilton.”

Gracie Hamilton left no room for other gymnasts to out-do her she had a 1st finish on every event, while Ana Hamilton took 1st on bars and beam with a pair of 9.4s.

Platinum gymnast Midori Ogino, 16, also posted a pair of high scores earning 9.600s on the beam and floor while Emma Allmon, 10, sported a 9.025 on vault for 3rd place and Delany Stetka, 11, posted a 9.3 on the beam.

Next up to continue the winning streak was the boys level 4 and 5 team where level 5, Jonathan Lyda, took 1st on rings and made the coveted All-Star team. Noah Al-Shaikh, 11, was an anchor spot for the young level 4 team scoring well enough to take 1st on the pommel horse and vault.

Wyatt Walker, 8, took the podium for Level 4 winning 3rd place on floor and 2nd place on the pommel horse and Kolton Rector, 6, won 2nd on the parallel bars.

After two meets, Auburn Gymnastics set their sights on the level 6 to 9 boys.

“We’re peaking at the right time, and at this point in the season, a lot of teams are tired and worn out,” Christenson said of the team’s success. “Our team is still thriving, upgrading and growing every week.”

Level 6 Kannon Rector, crushed his competition on the floor and vault making his road onto the All-Star team an easy one while podium topping Beck Thomas won the pommel horse.

Teammate and fellow All-Star member, Christopher Otis, made his season goal at State Championships by winning 1st on the parelel bars.

The pressure of qualifying for regionals never took a toll on the lineup as the meets continued with strong efforts that resulted in all level 8 girl gymnasts qualifying for regionals.

Maya Thrasher, 13, Marissa Jilot, 12, Kyla Rector, 12, Rebekah Durham, 15, and team leader Emily Esteban, 18 all made the scored to make the regional competition - Esteban came in 2nd place overall and took the bronze on vault.

“This is Emily’s (Esteban) final season and we couldn’t be proud of her,” Christenson said.

The final competitor, Level 7, Mariah Belman, made her qualifying score to the Regional Championships and had a banner day on the balance beam.

With only a few practices left before facing off against rivals from Utah, Arizona, Hawaii, Southern California and Nevada, the dominate Auburn Gymnastics gymnasts are staying focused on themselves and preparing for the format of Regional Championships.

Coach Christenson has high expectations for the championship and aims for hit routines on every apparatus. She is confident the team can come together to put up a solid performance.


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