Teams Travel Far and Wide for Meets


AUBURN- The teams from Auburn Gymnastics Center traveled California in search of competition with the girls’ team in Pasadena and the boys’ in Santa Clara over the weekend. The medal count ended with seven gold medals for the dominating club as the teams went up against more than 140 competitors.

Auburn Gymnastics Center Auburn, CA

Both Kara Christensen and Finn Thomas were in Southern California over the weekend competing at the Heart of a Champion gymnastics competition in Pasadena, Calif. Christenson won vault taking home a gold and Thomas won beam. The two celebrated after the event.

Finn Thomas was one of the gymnasts who came up big earning a gold for her balance beam performance. She competed at the Heart of a Champion Invitational in Pasadena, Calif. as a level 6 in the senior a, winning beam with a 9.55. Her all-around was a 35.875, vault was 8.95, her bars were 8.25 and the floor was a 9.125.

“It was a beautiful routine,” said Coach Haley Christenson-Sain. “She has a wonderful look about her.”

Kara Christenson won vault in the X-Cel platinum division with a 9.425, bars 8.25, beam 7.5, floor was 8.75 for an all-around of 33.925.

Janna Woodward competed in the level 7 senior B she earned 2nd place on vault with a 9.175, she earned an 8.45 on the bars, 8.0 on the beam and a on the floor 9.15, he all-around was a 34.775.

Alyson Osborn scored an 8.65 on vault, 7.8 on bars, 8.625 on beam and an 8.75 on floor for a 33.825.

Emily Esteban scored an 8.3 on vault, 8.35 on bars, 8.75 on beam for 3rd and an 8.125 on floor for an all-around of 33.525.

The boys’ level 4 and 6 teams attended the Spirit of the Flame competition in Santa Clara, Calif.

Beck Thomas competed in the Junior C on floor he scored a 10.0 for 3rd on pommel horse he scored a 10.2 for 4th on rings he scored a 10.8 earning him 1st place on vault he scored a 10.1 earning him 1st place on parallel bars he earned a 10.7 earning him 1st place and on the high bar he earned a 9.4 and 5th place – his all-around was a 61.2 and was 2nd place.

Christopher Otis was in the Junior B, he scored a 10.0 on floor for 4th, a 9.9 on the pommel horse for 3rd, a 10.2 on the rings for 4th, a 9.4 on the vault for 4th, 10.4 on a parallel bars for 1st and a 8.8 on the high bar for 7th for a total of 58.7 and the 4th place award.

Kyle Verweij in the Senior C floor, 9.9 for 8th, pommel horse was a 10.2 for 4th, on the rings he scored a 9.1 for 11th on vault he scored a 10.1 for 1st on the parallel bars he scored a 9.8 for 11th and on high bar he scored an 8.1 for 11th he earned an all-around score of 57.2 for 8th place.

Kohen Rugg in the Senior A, floor 8.8, 8th, pommel horse 9.9 was 4th, on rings he scored a 9.4 for 8th in vault he scored a 9.6 for 4th on parallel bars he scored a 9.3 for 11th and on high bar he scored a9.0 for 6th for a total of 56 and 5th place.

Zeph Thomas competed in the level 6 middle division doing well on the vault and earning 3rd place. He scored were on floor, 8.6, pommel horse, 9.0, rings 9.2, vault 9.4 for 3rd place, parallel bars 9.6, high bar 7.8 for an all-around of 53.6.

“We are getting ready for State Championships now,” Christenson-Sain said. “The work is not done yet.”

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