Nearly a dozen girls training at Auburn Gymnastics Center made it to the podium Sunday in Concord, Calif. battling it out with 60 competitors at level 4 and 5 from Northern California to earn a third place team award.

AUBURN - The 11-person group competed on vault first where Mary Riggins and Delilah Fulton, both first year level 4 gymnasts competing in their second meet of the season, earned a 9.12 and a 9.1 respectively. Level 4 Finn Thomas earned a 9.075 and Kara Christenson earned a 9.0. All were in the top five for their divisions on vault. Level 5 gymnasts Madison Candler also placed in the top five on vault with an 8.55. This is Candler’s second meet as a level 5.
   “These girls were really pumped up,” said Natalie Otis of Auburn Gymnastics. “We have been working on getting some of the gymnastics fixed since our last showing and they did it. A lot of our team is new to gymnastics and this is only the second meet for them – we still have a lot to fix but they are on the right track and we were proud of both their gymnastics and their team spirit.”
   On bars the team as a group placed first. Individual winning performances came from Kristen Kopp with a 8.825, Kara Christensen with a 8.65, level 5 Allyson Osborn scored a 8.225 while level 4 Delilah Fulton earned a 8.75, Finn Thomas a 9.0, Hannah Caminiti a 8.575 and Mary Riggins with a 7.675. All were in the top 10 for their respective age divisions and levels.
   Beam was also a stand out event for the teams as they took second overall on the four-inch wide event.
Kristen Kopp earned a 9.15, Emily Benson earned a 9.25, Elene Closson earned a 8.7, Allyson Osborn earned a 8.65, Finn Thomas a 9.225, Hannah Caminiti a 8.925 and Mary Riggins a 8.05 – each of them placing in the top ten.
   The group finished the competition on floor with top ten placements from Kristen Kopp (8.725), Emily Benson (8.375), Kara Christensen (8.425), Elene Closson (8.0), Madison Candler (8.8) and Delilah Fulton (7.725).
   Top all-around placements in their individual age divisions came from Kristen Kopp who won first with a 35.75, Emily Benson won fourth with a 34.5 and Finn Thomas won third with a 36.00 – all three have earned a spot at State Championships after Sunday’s efforts.
   The season will continue through December.

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