Golden State Classic January 2018

Auburn Gymnastics Center takes team gym title.


AUBURN- Local gymnastics teams dominated in two states after both the boys’ and girls’ teams put up a dynamic showing and took home three team awards – two for the girls, one for the boys.

During a weekend of gymnastics competitions 38 of the athletes training at Auburn Gymnastics competed in three towns and two states.

“It was a wild weekend for sure but we can take wild when we come out on top,” Coach Jennifer Christenson said.

Auburn Gymnastics Center girls dominated the competition at the Golden State Classic cmeet hosted by Technique Gymnastics in Rancho Cordova, Calif. winning 11 1st place individual awards and a 1st place level 2 and 3 team award as well as a 3rd place team award.

The boys level 5 and 6 kids from Auburn traveled to Reno, Nev taking the 2nd place team award at a competition hosted by former Olympian Jake Dalton while the level 4 boys made their mark in Oroville, Calif.

“It was a perfect start the their season because Jake Dalton is such a role model to them an they were inspired to give a little more,” Christenson said.

The facility takes kids from 5 years to 18 years old to competitions where they go up against other kids their age and level. The level system in gymnastics starts at level 1 and he kids train to advance to level 10.

The stand-outs from the girls were deep.

The leader of the girls from Auburn in highest all-around score earned was from 7-year-old level 2 Cailyn Kuebler who scored a 37.275 out of a possible 40. She took 1st in the vault, bars, floor and all-around.

“Her scores were fantastic and she looked confident and poised,” Christenson said.

Level 3 Jayde Knight also put up a big all-around score coming in at a 37.1 and level 2 Chayla Kuebler scored an inpressive 37.05.

Seven of the gymnasts scored between a 36 and 37.

“If your think of it in terms of 36 out of 40 even it means there were only a hadful of errors on each of the events,” Christenson explained.

Leading the was level 3 Katie Rector with a 36.575 then Gracie Hamilton, in the gold division scored a 36.4, level 8 Maya Thrasher scored a 36.15, gold gymnasts, Delaney Stetka earned a 36.125 and Ana Hamilton a 36.1 while level 3 Ava Everett scored a 36.1 and August Eckhardt

“The first meet of the season is always nerve-wracking. No matter how many meets you have done it’s unavoidable,” Christenson said. “We were there to get feedback from the judges on our training and it’s all good. This meet was all about seeing how the athletes look under the spotlight and how they respond to the competitive environment.”

Level 4 Mariah Belman came up big with 1st place in the all-around and 1st place on floor. She took 2nd on beam with a 9.2 and 3rd on the vault.

“She was up against some stiff competition so this is a really big win for her and for us,” Christenson said.

Kyla Rector also delivered solid routines starting her season with a 34.9 all-around and placing 1st on floor. She was in the top 5 on the vault and bars.

Gracie Hamilton, a level 3, delivered a stand-out routine on the balance beam and came up 2nd with an 8.825, while fellow teammate Frieda Grassmann, took to the bars standing out with an 8.775 and taking home the bronze.

Looking at the scores can seem arbitrary with an 8.5 or a 6.8, but getting to the scores is more like science.

The gymnastics is evaluated based on a 10 start. The performances are marked down for any technique or errors made. A small mistake can result in up to a half-point taken and the difference between 1st place and 3rd place often comes down to one bent leg and sometimes even the degree that the leg was bent.

“This sport is all about paying attention to every little detail and presenting it with grace,” Christenson went on to explain.

Scores like the 9.4 level 3, Rachael Schrock, received on vault and the 9.125 team-mate, Cecily Pedri received an on vault are big considering there was less than one point in body alignment errors.

“It can get tricky helping young kids understand the details and honestly, we ultimately care more that our athletes learn and move forward - whatever that looks like for each one of them. Auburn Gymnastics is all about teaching young kids to be determined and focused on and off the mat,” Christenson said.

The level 2 team of Katie Rector, Angelina White, Aryana Albert and Jayde Knight will train and return to competition late October while level 3 Kylie Low, Sydney Casho, Alexis Buckmeyer, Eleanor Hickman, Mayah Denny, Cecily Pedri, Frieda Grassmann, Rachael Schrock and Gracie Hamilton return to competition in late September.

The gym’s level 4 team, doesn’t get a break however, they jump into another competition this weekend.

Belman and Rector will join Summer Huntley, Ana Hamilton and Delaney Stetka as they group takes to the floor on Sunday.

Teams not competing including the level 6-9 gymnasts and the boys’ gymnastics team will be performing at Auburn’s Gold Country Fair at 6 p.m. on Friday, September 11, at 12:30 and 4:30 p.m. Saturday, September 12 and 13:30 and 3 p.m. Sunday, September 13 on the Community Stage.

The gymnasts at Auburn Gymnastics Center work with Christenson, Kellie Oesterling, Hannah Brocke and Cassie Wharton. Most work out two or more days a week and attend competition on the weekends through December. Class try-outs are held daily for new students. Call 530-823-2031 for more information or go to


Auburn Gymnastics Center specializes in teaching gymnastics to children of all ages and abilities and features a special needs gymnastics program that offers scholarships.

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