Gold Country Classic 2013!


 AUBURN – The teams at Auburn Gymnastics Center’s bounce got a bit heaver this weekend as they were weighted down by necks full of medals earned at the 2013 Gold Country Classic held at the Oakland Convention Center.
The kids from Auburn competed all weekend as the meets were both Saturday and Sunday with 14 members of the Auburn Gymnastics Center boys’ and girls’ team in the city representing Auburn. “We are definitely soaring high right now,” Jennifer Christenson – coach of both the girls and boys teams said. “It feels good to win so big.”
At the girls level 7 meet on Saturday the top performance of the day was from Madison Candler. She placed 1st on vault with a 9.375, 5th on bars with an 8.4 and 6th in the all-around division.
On Sunday competitors in the 1st session of the day were the girls’ team and in the end they crowded the award stand filling up multiple placements on multiple individual events. Janna Woodward placed 2nd on the vault with a 9.15, 2nd on the bars with a 7.9, 2nd on the beam with an 8.3 and 2nd on the floor with an 8.525. She won the silver all-around.
Allyson Osborn placed 1st on vault with an 8.9, 2nd on bars with a 9.25, 3rd on beam with a 9.025 and 2nd on floor with a 9.125. Osborn won 1st in the all-around.
Teammate Anessa Perez was 2nd place all-around. She scored an 8.8 on the vault, 9.05 on the bars, 9.1 on the beam and an 8.95 on the floor to earn a total of 35.9.
Kara Christenson placed 3rd on bars with a 9.1 and 3rd on floor with a 9.05. Christensen placed 4th overall.
Emily Esteban placed 2nd on beam with an 8.625 and was also ranked 4th over-all for her age division. Team-mate Emily Benson did her best on the floor where she earned an 8.65 and was in the top 10 on the vault, beam and in the all-around.
The level 4 boys’ team also competed Sunday afternoon. The three-person group was lead by Beck Thomas who was ranked 4th over all and earned the silver on pommel horse with an 8.8, silver on rings with a 10.0 and the silver on the parallel bars with a 9.6.
Kohen Rugg helped the team by earning a personal best all-around of 45.9. His stand-out routine was on the rings where he earned an 8.2.
Christopher Otis did his best on the vault where he was in the top 5 with an 8.2.
The level 5 boys’ team finished off the weekend strong with Bryce Dunigan winning the all-around gold at the level 5 meets. He placed 2nd on the rings with a 10.2, 2nd on the vault with a 10.1 and 2nd on the high-bar with a 10.3.
Michael Kesler was in the top 10 on pommel horse, rings, vault, and high bar.
Zeph Thomas won 1st on the floor with a 10.000. He placed 3rd on pommel horse, with a 9.8 and 3rd on the all-around with a 57.1.


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