Auburn Gymnastics Center Auburn, CA

The Otis Family

Nathan, Christopher, Natalie, and Gavin



About Us


 Auburn Gymnastics Center is under new ownership by Nathan and Natalie Otis. Come join our gym, we care about creating successful experiences for kids of all ages and abilities!


Programs We Offer:


Our gymnastics programs are sponsored by the Auburn-based nonprofit Fit For Life Gymnastics. Through this organization scholarships are available that make it possible for qualifying special needs children to receive the benefits of gymnastics at no charge. Call today to take advantage of this program or click here for more info.

Our Staff

Auburn Gymnastics Center Auburn, CA

Jen, Haley, Kelly, Shelly, Serenah, Brittney, Coach Bobby, Hannah, Eddie, Tim, Austin

Auburn Gymnastics Center Auburn, CA

Staff Training

Auburn Gymnastics Center has put our staff through some awesome teacher training and wants you to know we plan to be better than ever. We continue to grow offering classes taught by safety certified teachers who have also passed USA Gymnastics instruction classes. We have teacher training each Tuesday night to advance spotting skills and there is more enthusiasm than ever in the gym by a rock star group of coaches.

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